Long Time, No See

Hello Everyone and welcome back to the Cabin Crew Blog of Crewfie101. Firstly I’d like to apologise for the lack of posts in the last month. I have been super busy with flying and also very busy on my days off.

Since my last post on my trip to Beijing, I have been to Singapore and Sydney, Gothenburg, Calgary and Toronto, Austin and the dreaded Night Moscow. And also  happened to get trained to be able to deliver our First Class Service to our most premium passengers. There have been some huge route moves to my fleet of crew and I got my new roster for March, potentially the best one I have ever received.

So there is a lot to tell you guys. I am currently on a Team Trip with some of my best friends for training, but the weather isn’t the best so taking some of my morning to update you on whats new in the Cabin Crew Life.

Trip Updates:

  1. Singapore and Sydney: In mid January I flew to the other side of the world and unfortunately on the first sector from Heathrow down to Singapore, I developed a pretty bad cold so my first two days of a nine day trip, were unfortunately bed bound trying to recover. My only trips out of the hotel were to a pharmacy and a supermarket. It really wasn’t fun. Luckily enough I recovered in enough time to head down to Sydney and meet one of my favourite Celebrity Chefs, Anna Polyviou at the Shangri-La Hotel and eat some of her new desserts. It was a huge tick in the box moment for me. On the way back home another two nights in Singapore followed with an amazing friend who was on the way out on her trip. We went to the night Safari at Singapore Zoo and then on the last day of my trip we headed to, in my opinion, the best island resort, which is Sentosa. We did the incredible MegaAdventure Zipwire which conquered part of my fear of heights, not really…  Then the Skyline Luge which I have done on all of my trips to Singapore and continue to love it. Then unfortunately it was time to head back to the UK on the long 14 hour flight. And that brought another great trip to the other side of the world.
  2. Gothenburg, Sweden: A very lucky call of Home Standby to head up to Gothenburg on a one out and one back. We headed up late the first night and only had time to nip to the bar for a quick drink before we headed to bed. The next morning, I met with Laura and headed to the “Infamous” Gothenburg Spa. It was an incredibly chilled out day and was so nice to have a good trip to Gothenburg. All of my trips to Gothenburg before this had been what we call “Min Rest”. This means we didn’t have enough time to do anything apart from eat a huge Swedish breakfast.
  3. Calgary, Canada: The day after I got back to London I headed to Calgary, which was my first ever trip on the 787 last April. I headed there with George, an amazing friend, who I really enjoy flying with. We met for a lovely dinner in the hotel with the crew and then headed to bed, it was a really long day. The next morning we decided to go “Tubing” and the First Officer and one of the girls were going to go Skiing at the Calgary Olympic Park, which happens to be the set of one of my favourite movies, Cool Runnings about the Jamaican Bobsleigh Team. I sat in the Sled, so awesome. We shared an Uber and headed to the park to discover that the Tubing was closed.. So for the first time I decided to attach a pair of Skis to my legs and go down the Olympic Run. It was genuinely one of the most terrifying but most enjoyable experiences of my life. I had two brilliant instructors in John and JC and a brilliant Photographer in George who decided to only take photos of me at my absolute worst.. One of my favourite trips in my time flying.
  4. Toronto, Canada: After two days off from Calgary, back to Canada I went and with the new Business Class service for the first time. It went well, given the fact we only had a total of 22 passenger over both sectors. In Toronto, we had a slight issue when we arrived, our stand at Pearson International was occupied so we were taxied to our remote stand at the other side of the airport. We waited for around 40 minutes for a marshaller, the person with the light-up Batons, who never turned up. After that amount of time we were then pushed back and had to taxi back to the terminal. So from the time we landed to opening the doors, an hour and 6 minutes had passed. The passengers, the crew and ultimately the Captain were not impressed. We disembarked and headed straight for bed at the hotel. The next morning I met my friend from school to watch the Scotland vs Wales and Ireland vs France rugby matches in the Six Nations. It did not make pleasant watching, we were heavily beaten, I’m a Scotland fan. That afternoon I went Ice-Skating with one of the crew and it was superb. It really was another excellent trip.
  5. Austin, Texas, USA: The less said about Austin the better, all we did was eat BBQ and breakfast. Not my favourite trip, brilliant crew however.
  6. Night Moscow: The less said about this trip also the better. A there and back to Moscow overnight, what a great idea said nobody ever.

That brings all my trips up to date, now route moves to and from my fleet of Crew at my Company. This happens every six months or so to coincide with the changing of flight schedules between summer and winter. We always look forward to new routes in our fleet and fear which ones we sadly will lose. Our emotion could go either way, very trip dependant.

So what are we gaining? We are receiving a couple of route shared routes between us and the longhaul fleet of Crew. We are gaining the daily A380 flight to Los Angeles, sadly not affecting me as I am not trained on the A380, and also one of the daily flights to Dubai on the Boeing 777! This is quite exciting for me as I have always wanted to see Dubai. We also received the trips to Nassau, Bahamas and the Grand Cayman Shuttle, which is one of our few “beach trips” which makes it quite exciting for us. In the USA, we received the trip to New Orleans, a very exciting prospect and in Argentina, the trips to Buenos Aires, finally another South American route for us! On Short Haul, we are gaining a lot. Unfortunately there are a lot of there and backs, aka Day Trips. Which for me, as a commuter it doesn’t do a lot for me. We have picked up a new route for my Company in Almeria, Spain and in terms of moves, we have Billund and Copenhagen, Denmark, Bucharest in Romania, Faro in Portugal, Munich in Germany, Olbia in Italy, Leeds Bradford in the UK and Split in Croatia. For Mid-Haul we have gained Amman in Jordan and Beirut in Lebanon, both of which I can’t wait to operate. So overall we have gained 16 routes and some absolute rippers! I think we expected to gain more long haul but we are super excited about our new routes! We begin to operate all of these services in May and June, and for the Mid-Haul routes, we start in September.

However, though we gain 16 routes we have to lose some. On Long Haul, we are losing Vancouver, Chicago and Philadelphia. These are not the worst for us to lose at its the USA, which aren’t the most popular within my fellow crew apart from the beds in Philadelphia, which are heavenly. On short-haul we are sadly losing some of my favourite night stops. We are losing Hamburg and Hanover in Germany, Vienna in Austria where I have never night stopped yet and Oslo up in Norway. Overall we are gaining far more than we are losing so we are thrilled. There certainly are exciting times ahead in the skies.

On the topic of exciting times ahead, my March Roster is very exciting indeed. I start with a lovely four day tour of Europe, involving a short there and back to Manchester then to Hanover for TWO NIGHTS and they are a Friday and a Saturday Nights, then off to Milan for the night, a new destination for me. My Birthday weekend follows with myself being off, then a nice three day Chicago with four AV days, which I am planning to get a trip for, then back to one of my favourite cities, a 5 day Santiago de Chile. I really love this trip despite the 14 and a half hour flight time. Then the Holy Grail of My March Roster, a trip to Johannesburg, South Africa. This is a trip I have been bidding for since I started over a year and a half ago so I am very excited. Its a superb roster and a very nice early 22nd birthday present.

We are now up to date with what has happened in the last few weeks. I definitely plan on keeping this site far more up to date than I have in the last few weeks!

Well I now have to go get ready to operate the flight back from Miami on-board the beautiful Boeing 747 on flight BA206, in our First Class cabin for the “first” time. I completed my two day training course over the past weekend. It’s another huge step up for me in my career.

See you next time on-board Crewfie101.

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