2017: A Year in Review

Hello everyone and welcome back on-board this very delayed post from Crewfie101. I hope everyone of you had a brilliant Christmas and are looking forward to a great New Year!

As this has been my first full year flying, I thought I post a review of the year with all the highlights and negatives of each month.

Lets start back in January, where we started in Singapore, for New Years Eve and what a night that was. My Dad and I, plus the entire Crew, watched Alicia Keys live before the 8 minute long firework display with the dodgy Singaporean Hosts, who only Jack understood. This was one of my favourite trips I have ever done with one of the best crews I have worked with in my entire time at BA. I had 6 days off after this trip and headed back to Scotland straight after I had landed, I was still living down in London at this point. After spending some well deserved time at home catching up with both friends and family, I headed back down for a 7 day working block with 3 days of Short haul into my first ever Cape Town.

This Cape Town was one of the good ones. We took the cable car up Table Mountain, spotting eagles as we went, taking lots of dangerous pictures for Instagram, almost losing Jamie as we went. I met my friend Emily and we headed along the Waterfront and enjoyed my first Epic South African Steak, a 500g T-Bone. I can guarantee it did not disappoint. From Cape Town I headed back to my first ever long-haul destination, San Diego, California.

On this trip I was operating as Galley Lead downstairs in our largest Business Class Cabin for the first time. I was lucky enough to work with a great team who helped me through it. These guys have become some very good friends of mine, Olu, Dennis and Ian. We went to the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier turned into a huge museum, and went in the pouring rain and sweeping wind. Another highlight of my year.

In February, I was pretty much joined at the hip to one of my training buddies, Jade. We went on trips to Philadelphia, Cape Town and Vegas. The Cape Town being a team trip with the now christened “Sunburn Squad”. There was also a trip to Shanghai, China with Ollie, one of my best mates from back home in Scotland. This was another highlight and was one of the best crews too. I have also never played Jetlagged Snooker, not a good combination.

March came around pretty quickly, and I had lots of time off around my 21st Birthday. I had a lovely day with my Mum and Dad before heading down to London for my Boeing 787 training day. I was so delighted as this opened up so many new destinations for me. Plus I was down in London and had a picture with one when I was around 13-14. My first night Moscow came and went with not much sleep and I can guarantee that it wasn’t my favourite trip of the year. Towards the end of March I headed back to Singapore and Sydney. Another amazing trip to the other side of the world with a great crew. We went luging in Singapore, to the wrong island in Indonesia and missed my dinner reservation in Sydney. Also in March I decided to begin commuting. This was a huge decision for me, but also quite an easy one. It meant I would move back home to Dundee and fly up and down for work.

My April was pretty much spent in San Jose, California with 3 trips to the US City. All four day trips, I headed to San Francisco, explored the city and cycled across the Golden Gate Bridge. These followed my first ever flight on the 787 to Calgary, in which myself and Alisha headed to the zoo.

In May, my first trip to South America. On the 9th, we embarked on my company’s longest flight, the 14 hour flight out to Santiago de Chile. The night flight was basically empty, which made it ten times longer. When we arrived the weather was dreadful so a day on the tour bus was organised and off we went playing Heads Up as we went. Some short haul came and went then a 3 day trip to Las Vegas which turned into a lovely 4 day trip. I headed out into the Grand Canyon on board a Helicopter which turned out to be the highlight of the trip, the views teamed up with the music made it a completely unforgettable experience.

In June, it was time for my first “Recurrent Training”. My first yearly training, it did not go to plan. This was probably, the low point of my year. However another 3 trips to San Jose followed this into July and on the last one Mum came with me for the first time. This was a really great trip walking around San Francisco for a total of around 40km. Also in July, I headed to Baltimore (Twice) and also Abu Dhabi where the temperature peaked at 43 degrees Celsius. Far too hot for me!!

August was one of my quietist months of the year. The highlight was definitely a trip to the Baseball in Toronto, where the Toronto Blue Jays took on the Minnesota Twins. One of my favourite events this year.

September brought to an end the summer season, however all the flights continued to be busy and my schedules also very full on. I headed back to the USA, to Chicago and Houston. I also positioned for the first time, out to Lagos. In October I went on Holiday to Majorca for a long weekend which I absolutely needed. It was a perfect weekend, some sun, sea and great food. I headed back to Seattle, Home Of Boeing, and went up the Space Needle at Sunset, which was absolutely stunning. I went to Nairobi on another trip with the Sunburn Squad and then back to Cape Town which was just as good as ever. Also in October, was my favourite short haul trip I have EVER done, my two day 6 sector trip to Manchester, affectionately now known as MANC2017. This was one of the funniest trips I have ever done. I will never forget it!

November took me to South Korea twice and its border with the dangerous North. This was definitely an experience I will not forget for a long time. Then it was time for my standby luck to change. I survived all of 30 minutes before being called to go back to Chicago. In my next standby block, I survived even less time, around two minutes before jetting off to Miami.

Into this month, the last of the year and when Crewfie101 first took to the web. My month began with standby, from which I was called for Sao Paulo, something I did not expect and was probably the most unexpected thing to happen this year. Since Sao Paulo, I have been to Muscat in Oman, Abuja in Nigeria and then the last trip of 2017 to Cape Town with my Mum. The trip home was my 250th flight as crew, and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend to share it with.

SO in 2017:


655,523 KM FLOWN








I’ll be starting 2018 with a there and back to Stuttgart followed by a 5 day Beijing trip, somewhere I haven’t been yet and am really looking forward to getting to explore. I am also going back to Singapore and Sydney, and heading to a lovely restaurant in Sydney!!

I can’t wait to spend another year in the skies and travelling the world taking Crewfie101 along with me!

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