Welcome Onboard

This is my very first post. I am Ray, a 21 year old Cabin Crew Member for an international airline based out of London Heathrow. I have wanted to make a blog for a very long time about my adventures across the world and after seeing Scotland defeat the Qantas Wallabies I have decided to do so.

It has been 478 days since I received my Wings which signify the completion of the 6 week training course, and what a 478 days it has been. I have travelled to 6 out of the 7 continents on 56 routes travelling over 530,000 miles spending almost 50 days in the air.

As I’m sure every crew member does, I have favourite destinations and least favourite destinations. My favourite would have to be Cape Town in South Africa where I have been lucky enough to go 3 times. The food out there is fantastic and there is so much to do. You can ascend Table Mountain and Lionshead, go and see the penguins at Boulders Beach and run along the shorefront of both Bantry and Camps Bay. My least favourite would have to be Lagos or Luanda, for no other reason than that you can’t actually do anything. You can’t leave the hotel for security reasons and as a person I like to be able to explore the cities that I visit.

Other notable entries for my favourite destinations would have to be Toronto, Canada and San Diego in the USA. San Diego is up there as it was both my first and second long haul flights, and as a city it is lovely with a very chilled out atmosphere. I have been to Toronto twice, admittedly both times in Summer when it was warm, not sure how much I’d like it right now when the temperature can get as low as -40 with wind chill. The city is very pleasant with a gorgeous coastline which gives gorgeous sunrises.

As crew we operate on a variety of different aircraft both the long haul Boeing and our short haul Airbus A320 family aircraft. As a bit of a plane geek, I do love this part of the job. I still get the thrill of the Take-Off and the sights out of the window never, ever,  get old. I am lucky enough to fly on both the old and the new, the Boeing 747,of which some of them are older than I am, to the Boeing 787, one of the new generation of aircraft taking to the skies.

My intension with this blog is to describe what we as crew get up to when we are down route and try to explain what life as crew is really like.

If anyone has any questions related to anything crew related, send me any questions below.


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